I have been day trading various markets for a long period (close to 20 years). It has always been a joyful side activity, although I never really managed to be profitable over a sustained period.

I have had periods with relatively impressive returns and periods with equally remarkable losses. Over time, the losses have been more significant, but my interest in this space has never changed.

The markets are moving throughout the week, and now cryptos in the mix, there is never a dull moment. There is a chance to get involved and make or lose money with a simple click of a button. The decision process is seemingly simple - go long, short, or stay out.

If you manage to crack the code, the opportunities are endless. Or that's what we are told by brokers, youtube traders, affiliate marketers, course creators, signal providers, and so on. But is it?

I have experienced periodic consistency, both profit, and loss-wise. A streak of winning trades and an increasing profit curve is satisfying, to say the least. But with following losses that bring the account balance back below the starting point is painful. Was the profit nothing but luck? Were the losses a result of bad luck, greed, poor analysis, etc.? The list of questions goes on forever.

I have been through a lot of systems and strategies. I have followed other traders. I have copied trades via social trading. I have used algos. I have read books, gone through courses, watched YouTubers, listened to podcasts. All of this, without much success.

After all of this, I have come to the conclusion that I want:
write about my trades here on this site to keep myself accountable and maybe inspire other traders. In addition to this, I have decided to turn off all distractions. I will no longer base my trades on fundamental news, nor any technical ideas shared on Twitter, Youtube and other places with a constant stream of new ideas.

To keep my focus clear, I will focus solely on trading BTCUSD - nothing else. I will do my own technical analysis, and my trades will only be based on this.

I will try to keep track of all my trades and post about as many of them as possible on this site.

I hope you want to follow along.

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