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Trade 1 - Unraveling Trapped Longs: A Short Position Revealed

Trade 1 - Unraveling Trapped Longs: A Short Position Revealed

I've just initiated the first trade to be shared here on Tradeles.

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You'll find the trade details below, accompanied by a screenshot for clarity.

Short at 28,132.5

Stop at 23,332.5

Target 24,870

Risk 1%

It's worth noting that the risk is slightly above 1%, but it's quite close. Additionally, if the trade reaches my stop-loss, it will be executed as a market order, which may result in some slippage.

Reason for Entry

There's no arcane indicator driving this decision. Price broke above the most recent high within the current range, only to immediately retreat back into the range. Furthermore, we observed some long positions opening at the peak of the candle that ventured outside the range. The details are illustrated below.

Although the volume on this particular candle (along with the longs at the top) is on the lower end of my preferred range, it still remains relatively high compared to the average volume we've seen within this range.

Consequently, I decided to take the plunge.

Currently, the trade is showing a slight profit. If the price dips below the swing low just prior to the range, I'll take partial profit and move my stop to break even. Should Bitcoin continue its descent all the way down to my target of 24,870, I'll capture the remaining profit. At 24,870, I'll be on the lookout for a potential long trade, provided we observe some sort of reaction at this level.

Stay tuned for updates.


the trade immediately went into profit. It came down to a low of 27,900 before it turned and had quite the sharp move up and got closed out at my stop loss. Looking back at this, I should probably have moved my stop to break even, but I had a plan and I followed it. Despite this trade getting stopped out, I still think it was a good trade.

Net PL: -0.822%