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Ticker Nerd Crypto Review

Ticker Nerd Crypto Review
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I stumbled upon Ticker Nerd Crypto the other day and decided to sign up for their 30 days free trial and share my experience with you.

Ticker Nerd Crypto
Wish someone told you about Ethereum when it was $5 instead of $2,500? We send our members early-stage crypto opportunities that have 100x-100x potential.

First of all, I should say that I have only been a member for a couple of days, and as a result, I have only received one report. So the foundation for this review is a bit thin, but hopefully, you will still find some value in this. At this point, I can not give any fair view on the historical performance of the altcoins mentioned in the reports, as I do not have the data on these. The Ticker Nerd Cryptos website states a minimum holding period of 12 months should be expected for all coins/tokens covered. So I may post an update in the future with more info on the performance on the coins mentioned, but this review is more based on the content than performance.

About Ticker Nerd Crypto

Before Ticker Nerd Crypto, there was (and still is) Ticker Nerd, which they state is “The only investing newsletter you'll ever need.” Here is how they say it works:

We use advanced software to track hundreds of signals and data points to find stocks before they blow up.This includes: Hedge fund trading data, Wall St analyst ratings, Social media sentiment data on Reddit and Twitter, Fundamental analysis, Quantitative analysis. From there our crew of seasoned analysts dig deep into the stocks that make it through our insanely thorough screening process. At this point there are only 1-2 stocks that make the cut and each month we send you a report that breaks down what they find

- Ticker Nerd Crypto

Ticker Nerd was sold to an Australian fintech company for a valuation of around $500m. The founder shared this journey on Reddit (an interesting read if you got a couple of minutes).

I like the idea of Ticker Nerd. It's a solid pitch, and the price seems very reasonable. Plus, you get a 30-day free trial to test it out before paying up. I am, however, much more interested in the crypto space than traditional stocks. So I was delighted to see the launch of Ticker Nerd Crypto

Ticker Nerd Crypto

Ticker Nerd Crypto is exactly the same service as Ticker Nerd, except the focus is on altcoins/tokens and not stocks. With Ticker Nerd Crypto you will get one report each month of the year, with lots of details about an altcoin/token that the team behind Ticker Nerd Crypto believes has the potential to generate 100x-1000x returns. Here is what they tell us about Ticker Nerd Crypto:

Finding the next Ethereum just got easy. Each month we send you a comprehensive report that breaks down a coin with huge potential.How do we find these opportunities? We use advanced software to track hundreds of signals and data points to find coins with huge upside. This includes:Onchain signals Social media sentiment data on Reddit, Twitter, Telegram and Discord, Fraud and rug checks, Fundamental analysis, Quantitative analysisFrom there, our crew of seasoned analysts dig deep into the coins that make it through our insanely thorough screening process. At this point, there are only 1-2 coins that make the cut. Get over 40 hours worth of research in a 5 minute reportThe report covers:What the coin or token does, Why it could be valuable in the future, Notable investors in the project, Tokenomics, Positive trends and signalsRisks to watch out for, How you can capitalize

- Ticker Nerd Crypto

There is a team of four individuals behind Ticker Nerd Crypto:

Samuel Renotte: Expertise: Fundamental and on-chain analysis of L1s/L2s and DeFi protocols.

Luciano Viterale: Expertise: NFTs, crypto gaming and play to earn.

Charlie Barton: Expertise: Emerging trends, investment strategy and the Metaverse.

Tom Weston: Expertise: DAOs, DeFi trends and cross-chain projects.

Pricing options

You can get access to Ticker Nerd Crypto for 30 days, completely free of charge. If you want to keep going after this, you can either pay $19.95 monthly or $199 yearly. You can also read a sample report before signing up to know what to expect.

Personally, I think this is very fair, compared to what you get. Of course, this really does come down to the performance of the altcoins mentioned in the reports, which I do not have any data on at this point. But a sample report, free trial, and then $19.95/month seems like a very reasonable deal (and even cheaper if you pay for yearly access).

The Ticker Nerd Crypto Reports

The reports are what you get as a Ticker Nerd Crypto client. There is nothing else. I like this. They don't try to sell you a lot of shiny objects. You get one thing – a high-quality report with solid information sent straight to your inbox on the last Wednesday of each month.

As mentioned above, you can check out the sample report, giving you an idea of what they contain. I signed up March 25th. Got a nice welcome email, and then as promised, I got my first report on March 30th. I won't mention the specific coin/token mentioned in the report. If you want to know, simply sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.

The report I received contains pretty much the same headlines as you can see in the sample report.

Its starts with a summary, followed by some key stats for the coin in question. They continue into a deep dive of the actual product with a section on “What is the “coin”. They cover how its distributed and released and highlight why they believe this specific coin/token could be valuable in the future. Then they go into what the market is saying about the project, what potential risks lies ahead, and finally a conclusion with a helpful “what can I do from here” section.

All in all, the information is top notch and presented is a clear and professional manner.


Personally, I really enjoyed this. There is a massive amount of new information on new projects every day. Keeping up is basically a full-time job. Finding the next golden opportunity in the altcoin space is like finding a needle in a haystack. Ticker Nerd Crypto will help you with the filtering process. Even if the coins they pick don't yield a 1000% return, it's still a solid service for the information provided. Ticker Nerd Crypto charges a low price for well-researched information presented in a clear and professional manner that allows everyone to make well-informed decisions on potential altcoin investments. Even without a historical track record, I still think this is a solid choice for those looking to get into some altcoins.