Here is a journal of all historical trades I have executed.

Trade 10: 13.24%

My final attempt to catch the low, which worked out well. I should have kept it open for longer, though.

Trade 9: 0.89%
Another attempt at the low. It did have a nice move up, where I managed to move stoploss slightly above breakeven. Shortly after, stoploss was hit.

Trade 8: -9,50%
I was trying to catch the low here and failed. The price was all over the place, and the spread was extensive. Needless to say, this was a terrible entry, and cost me everything I had made on the day and more.

Trade 7: 0.37%

I took a small short based on a retest of the VAL, now acting as resistance. I got out too early on this one.

Trade 6: 5.03%

I traded the breakout to the downside. Volume started to pick up and with a break of the VAL, I thought there was a good chance for further downside as I have been mentioning in the previous posts. I managed to get out close to the low, just as the rebound started to kick in.

Trade 5: -0.07%

I tried to play the bounce of the VAL from the recent range.  It did give a small bounce, and enough for me to move SL to BE as I was not feeling good about the entry. Shortly after it came back to take my stop. Loss based on commission and slippage.

Trade 4: 3.15%

Another short trade from a quick move up to previous range POC. This trade immediately went into profit territory, and stop was moved to break even. I closed the trade completely when current session POC was reached.

Trade 3: 1.35%

Today I took a long trader after a BTC broke the recent swing low but failed to close below it. I closed it out after coming back up to the vwap. While it did a tiny bounce at this level, there was more upside, and looking back I should have gone with a partial close. A win nonetheless.

Trade 2: -0.11%

The second trade was another short. Again, this trade immediately went into positive territory, and this time I managed to move my stop loss to break even. After a while, BTCUSD had another move back up, and I got closed out. Add slippage and commission to the breakeven level and this was ultimately another loss (but a small one)

Trade 1: -1.08%

The first trade was a short which initially went in my direction so I had the opportunity to move stop to break even, but I didnt. Add to this, I ended up closing this trade close to the worst possible time, right before it headed back down.