First trades on the Tradeles account

First trades on the Tradeles account


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Yesterday I executed the first couple of trades on my newly created bybit account, made specifically for all trades mentioned here on tradeles.

Yesterday I was open for trades in both directions. I must admit I was biased to the downside due to the recent drop in BTCUSD from the ATH at 69,200 and down to the most recent low at 62,200. This was a solid volume-supported drop, which I think is the beginning of a minor, possible ABC correction to the downside.

With that being said, I ended up executing a total of four trades - longs, only. The first three trades were closed intraday, while the fourth one was left open overnight.

First trade was a long from the range value area low. While this did have a move up from this level, I closed the deal just above break even.  

Second trade was executed at a key retracement level I have started to watch lately. This played out perfectly. More on this specific level in a future post.  

Third trade was a long from the golden pocket. The entry on this trade was solid, so I was quick to move stop loss to break even. Stop loss was hit about an hour later.

Fourth trade will be in the next update, once the trade has been closed.

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