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Crypto Common Sense - Review

Crypto Common Sense - Review

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Crypto Common Sense

I have been following Crypto Common Sense on Facebook for a while. It is not the most active crypto trading group out there, but James (the founder) does an excellent job with regular updates with tips and tricks for the active crypto trader. Occasionally he covers other asset classes, but as the name implies, the focus is mostly on cryptocurrencies – specifically bitcoin.

A while ago, he highlighted that he also runs a patreon channel priced around $10 /month. This is not a signal group, but more videos with tips and tricks to help you navigate the markets. I decided to take James up on the offer.

What is Crypto Common Sense

Crypto Common Sense is a name that seems to cover a youtube channel, a Facebook group, and a paid Patreon group. There is seemingly also a discord server somewhere, but the link pointing to this from Patreon was not working. The facebook group is free to join, and seems to function somewhat as a limited version of the Patreon group. The same is true for the youtube channel. Some videos are posted to the youtube channel, free for everyone to watch – others are only posted in the patreon group. In the facebook group, James will often ask questions but to find the detailed answers, you need to be a member of the group. I think this is the best way to describe it.

Here is James own description of the group:

The goal of Crypto Common Sense is to empower people around the world by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to trade any market with a “no fomo” approach, regardless of market conditions.

With more than four years of experience I still don't consider myself an “expert” but I am fortunate enough to earn a living doing what I enjoy, trading.


Access to the patreon group will currently cost you 7 USD per month and you go save 16% if you pay annually. This will give you access to everything in the Patreon group, including Chart Requests (first come first serve basis) and Trade Case Studies. This is relatively cheap compared to other educators in this space.

My Experience with Crypto Common Sense

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of activity in the group, since the beginning of 2022. I later realized this is because James caught covid and got hit hard by it. Hence all forgiven, and I think January was an off month, and we can expect more activity going forward.

James does seem to have a solid take on various markets. He talks about the fx market, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies – especially bitcoin in his videos. He has a focus on leaving FOMO aside. His approach to trading is very calm and relaxed. He often highlights typical patterns and trendlines levels to keep track of. His primary focus seems to be on identifying supply and demand zones, primarily by eyeing key levels where prices bounce. He often considers candlestick formations, but besides this, there is no rocket science in identifying these zones – which is usually a fresh breath of air.

James is definitely not a moonboy. While I think he is a bit too bearish at times, it is refreshing to follow someone who isn't blind to see possible lower levels than any other crypto YouTuber. James gives us a sanity check, which can be an excellent thing.

Keep in mind this is not a signal service. It's more short educational videos on historical price moves in various markets – especially bitcoin. New videos seem to drop whenever James has something interesting to share – one to two times a week under normal conditions. He has mentioned in his videos that if he gets above a certain amount of members, he will start to post more videos. But he also warned that the price will increase in the nearest future (and if you join in now, you will be grandfathered in at the 7 USD / month price point).

Discord, pancake profits and more…

So I have seen James mention a discord server a couple of times, but I cannot seem to find a working link pointing to it. Because of this, I am not sure if this is something he offers for free, paid, part of being a Patreon member, or maybe it has been stopped. I am also pretty sure James used to sell access to Pancake profits. I am not sure what this is/was (although the name does point in a specific direction). Either way, this is just to say that James does offer more than just the paid Patreon group. But it usually seems short-lived and only provided to members of his Facebook group or Patreon group. So if you want to know more about when James is releasing something new, maybe consider joining the FB group for now. Feel free to drop a comment below or send me an email if anyone (James maybe, if you read this) knows more about this.


eos from his youtube channel. This will provide you with an excellent understanding of what you will get as a member of his Patreon. Either way, for a price of 7 USD for a month, maybe just give it a go. James seems like a straight-up guy, with a realistic view of the market and some solid tips and tricks to help us native it better.