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Account Builders (The Better Traders)

Account Builders (The Better Traders)

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Better Traders

As a former client of 3Commas, I received this email in my inbox the other day

Summer FLASH SALE for Account Builders!

* Only $20 until July 1st, 2020 *

For 1 week only get the Account Builders course for over 50% off its regular price.

Account Builders has proved to be an incredible course for people with smaller accounts who have never traded cryptocurrency before. For 1 week only get the Account Builders course for only $20.

If you have been thinking about buying this course or learning about trading as a second source of income now is your chance to get it at this incredible discounted price. Account Builders usually cost $47, so take advantage of this SUMMER FLASH SALE before it ends!

Did you know that you can use Trailing Take Profit WITH Limit orders? In Smart Trade, use Split Targets to close your position at multiple price points in percentage increments. To use Trailing Take Profit leave a percentage for the last target (it can even be your 2nd target!) and enable Trailing.

Let’s go!

I had never heard about Account Builders, The Better Traders, or Moonin Papa before, and I have never received an email from 3commas where they recommend any 3rd party service. I enjoy the service 3commas provide, so I decided to take a closer look. Clicking on the link to account builders took me to The Better Traders and that is what this review is about – specificallly the Account Builders course.

In addition to the Account Builders Course they also offer:

15Minutes to Financial Freedom

Mastering Passive Income

The Smarter Trader

The Better Traders Club

Everything You Need to Know About Taxes

Account Builders from The Better Traders and Moonin Papa

I came directly to the sales page for Account builders, which is just one of the courses offered by Moonin Papa. I didn’t know this at the time.  I took them up on the offer, paid $20, and got access to the account builders course.

About Moonin Papa

I had never heard about Moonin Papa prior to getting this email from 3commas about the course from The Better Traders. Moonin Papa is seemingly quite active on youtube, posing various videos about cryptocurrencies, trading, strategies, 3commas, tradingview, etc.

You can find his channel here. As you can tell from this review, he is also the founder of the site The Better Traders

On this site, he offers a bunch of different courses, one of them being account builders (which is covered in detail in this review). Here is a list of the courses offered over at The Better Traders;

  • Account Builders
  • 15 Minutes to Financial Freedom
  • Mastering Passive Income
  • The Smarter Trader

These are all courses you can get access to for a one-time payment. Moonin Papa is also running a “club” which is subscription-based. He is also selling a trade journal, which, according to him, is The MOST Effective Way to Help YOU Stick to your Trading Plan and Become A Disciplined Trader.

Moonin Papa is also the creator of;

  • Poobah One (Free crypto scanner)
  • Poobah Pro (Paid Crypto scanner)
  • Crypto BUB (Google Sheets add-on)
  • TBO Indicator (Tradingview indicator)

I will come back to this later in this review.

Moonin Papa seems to be very inspired by another crypto YouTuber named Quickfingers Luc. You can find the channel here. The channel is seemingly not active anymore. The latest video was uploaded several months ago. I have gone through a couple of videos from QuickfingersLuc, and there is seemingly a bit of overlap with the strategy I currently work on, so I will be reading more into this going forward. More on this in a future post.

He currently has a total of 7.4K subscribers on youtube and more than 6,000 happy customers via thebettertraders.com.

Account Builders – The course

The Account Builders course is split into seven sections and 9 sub-sections, which are the following:

Getting Started

  • Getting started with 3commas
  • Bonus Step! Make more by sharing

3Commas Smart Trade

  • Smart Trade Tips for AB Trading

Poobah One AB Scanner

  • Learn how to use the Poobah One

AB Techniques

  • Channel Trading
  • Aftershock Pumps
  • Fat Finger Fishing

Crypto Wallets

  • Crypto Wallets Explained

AB Q and A

  • Account Builders Questions and Answers

In total we get;

3.4 hours of material

3 hours of q and a

15 mins of this is an explanation of their affiliate program

Overall, we get what we are told on the sales page.

The content

The videos are good quality and quite easy to follow, even if you are new to the crypto trading space. If you got questions, you are told to send them an email, and Moonin Papa will cover your question in the upcoming Q & A session (which is recorded every Tuesday, but the latest session is a month old – maybe all questions have been answered).

The first 3 videos (Home, Getting started with 3commas and Bonus Step! Make more by sharing) are short introductions to the course, to getting set up with accounts to buy crypto and 3commas, and how you can earn money with their affiliate program. There is no need for any further explanation here.

Smart Trade Tips for AB Trading

The next video, Smart Trade Tips for AB Trading, is where the actual content begins. Moonin Papa is taking us through 3commas, what it is and how to use it. It is very basic, and everything covered in this video is available in other (free) videos on Moonin Papa’s own youtube channel. At one point, he is going into details about order execution and tells us specifically to use limit order for account building (the type of trading technique taught in this course). Here is tells us the following:

“once the price of the limit order is reached, the broker / exchange is going to fill my entire order at that price

This may be true but it also may be false. The way moonin papa says this, makes it sounds like it is a gaurentee – which, as far as I am aware, per definition is wrong. Using limit orders may result in partial fills, all depending on liquidity / order book, and the size of the order placed.

Overall, I think the topic on market vs limit orders is lacking in a couple of different ways. In addition to this, there isn’t much here that isn’t already covered on Moonin Papas personal youtube channel. As an alternative, you can find all the same info and more on 3commans website.

Learn how to use the Poobah One

Note, that the Poobah scanner mentioend below, seemingly has been discountinued and replaced by a similar tool located at bettertrader.io. I have not had a chance to test bettertrader.io yet.

In this video, Moonin Papa is taking us through his web-based tool named Poobah One scanner. It’s a neat (free) tool to help us identify crypto pairs that have had significant moves in the nearest past. All the columns are explained in detail, and nothing is left out. I do like this tool to help identify pairs for possible trade setups, but it does have a couple of shortcomings. This is where the paid version comes into play – Poobah Pro (although this isn’t mentioned in the video). Just like the video about smart trades on 3commas, everything explained in this video can be found for free on his youtube channel. So far, there is no reason to pay for this, other than that everything is listed in an orderly fashion.

What is it?The Poobah One is a cryptocurrency account building scanner. The reason it is paired with “account building” is because of the nature of the lower volume coins that it picks up. Naturally lower volume coins have larger spreads. If you know how to trade these properly then there is potential to build your account quickly, hence account building

Data frequencyData is pulled in and is based on a 24H time frame. It is hooked to Google Finance so that it updates every couple of minutes. The site itself will also update automatically every 5 minutes

Cost of ServiceAs of this moment, Poobah One is free to use until determined otherwise. Just click the link and load it up.

Below is a screen shot of the Poobah One AB Scanner. You can see how this quickly helps us identify pairs that have had a massive move within the last 24 hours. Click the image to see it full size.

Channel Trading

Now we go into trading techniques. Channel trading is, according to Moonin Papa; “Channel trading is when the price bounces between price channels that are formed by strong horizontal support and resistance lines.” He goes on to explain you can also do this in up and downtrends. This sounds similar to regular channel trading, but it differs mainly in that this is done on low volume coins. Hence the chart will look very different. In the video he covers multiple examples. He shows how to draw support and resistance on the chart and explains how to enter and exit trades in order to maximize profit. He also goes over a couple of notes in the end, about stop loss, “free coins”, etc.

Below the video the following is stated: Be able to recognize good charts for Channel Trading with the Poobah One Scanner

But this is seemingly completely ignored in the video. The scanner is mentioned a single time or two, but I definitely do not feel educated in finding candidate coins for channel trading after watching this video. Besides from that, I think he does a pretty good job covering how to trade them once you find them.

Below is a typical example of channel trading for account building. The upper and lower yellow horizontal lines are forming the channel. The range between these is around 80%. You will be looking to buy around the support level and sell at maybe 50% profit. The idea is to put in, say, $300 on such a deal. Going all in and generating a 50% profit would yield you $150. Do this over and over again. That is what channel trading for account building is all about.

Aftershock Pumps

Aftershock pumps is all about finding a coin that has experienced a massive pump within the last 24 hours but now trades close to the level it traded at, right before the pump. Here you will enter a long trade with the expectations that we will see another smaller but still large pump to the upside within the nearest future. Moonin Papa takes us through the Poobah One scanner to help identify coins that are ready for aftershock pumps. He shows us multiple chart examples and tells us in detail how to trade them, when they occur, how to manage the trades, etc. While it looks simple, Moonin Papa does share a lot of excellent and valuable information.

See the example below of an aftershock pump on CHSBETH. This is typically what they look like, but they do come in different forms.

Fat Finger Fishing

Finally we have the Fat Finger Fishing strategy. Fat Finger Fishing is all about catching a trade on a coin when it experiences a rapid and large spike down in price. The idea is that when we see a large spike down with a quick move right back up to the price level, it was trading at before the spike, we can expect a similar move may happen in the nearest future. In order to take advantage of this, latent orders are placed down say 50% of the initial spike down, and sell as soon as the price comes back close to around the “starting point.” This is, without a doubt, a significantly simplified explanation. All of this is covered in detail by Moonin Papa in the course. While this isn’t my preferred kind of trading, I see how this could be a profitable strategy.

In many ways, this is the exact opposite of the Aftershock pump setup. It’s just flipped upside down. See the image below to get an idea of what this looks like in action. This is a snip of CBC/ETH, where we have an initial spike down of close to 80%. A couple of days after, there is yet another drop down of close to 50%. (click the image for full size)

Just like in the other videos, there is more to it than what I am describing here. When Moonin Papa takes us through the charts, he shares a bunch of insights, tips and tricks to help us better understand the whole idea behind these setups.

Crypto Wallets Explained

Finally, we get to Crypto Wallets Explained. He Moonin Papa talks about three different types of cryptocurrency wallets and what the differences are. The first one mentioned is the ledger Nano S, then Coinbase Wallet, and finally a paper wallet with Coinbin. It’s a good video with solid information, but there is probably nothing groundbreaking here if you have been in the crypto currency space for a while.


For $20, it would probably have been easier for you to buy the course than to read this review. Anyhow, this may give you a hint of what to expect from the other (and more expensive courses).

I think Moonin Papa has made an interesting mini-course with Account Builders. He is not going into extreme details, so if you are entirely new to the world of trading and cryptocurrencies, this may not be for you. I think it’s fair to say that some understanding of this space is required before you get any value from this course. If you do have some experience and are interested in short term crypto trading, I think this course is worth the price of $47. While most of the content is freely available on Moonin Papa’s youtube channel, this course will present it in a structured manner. Another reason to pay for the course is that you also get to option to ask questions and get a detailed answer. Account builders isn’t the typical type of short term trading education. You won’t find information about Fibonacci levels, RSI, MACD, risk management, backtesting, or anything related to this. The strategy taught here is very different from traditional day trading and short term trading. I many ways, I can see how this may be a more viable strategy for beginners to build their account, compared to starting with “traditional” day trading. If you arent convinced, maybe go through a couple of videos over on Moonin Papas channel to get a feel of trading style. In the end, if you don’t want to continue with this type of trading, it cost you $47 and a couple of hours to go through the videos. Personally, I think it’s worth it.